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How to choose the best quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belt?

1,078 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 3月 25,2023

How to choose the best quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belt?
As we all know that PBO roller sleeves / endless belt plays a very important role in aluminum extrusion factory.
What will happen if we use bad quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belt in our cooling table? I believe you must have answers in mind.
So the most important point is how can we distinguish and choose the best quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belt for our factory?

Firstly we need to understand what’s the definition of the best quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belt.

It has to be heat resistant up to 600 degree, it has to be wear resistance.
It will cause quality problems to the aluminum extruded profiles and will increase the cost to change new PBO roller sleeves / endless belt if the heat resistance and wear resistance is poor, which is not conducive to the development of the aluminum extrusion factory.

extrusder pbo roller

Our endless belt factory specializes in the production of PBO rollers and PBO belts used in the aluminum extrusion industry.
With thirteen years of experience, using knitting technology, the density can reach 430g/m²·mm, so don’t worry about wear resistance.

Secondly, we need to understand that the best quality PBO roller sleeves / endless belts need to be produced with the best PBO raw material.

I believe that most of us have seen there is various price range in PBO products, WHY? The most important factor is because of the raw materials!
PBO raw materials are crucial in the production process, but it’s also the easiest product to fake, this is the main reason why there are different prices for roller sleeves / endless belts even if they are the same size. 
Please check the following different PBO raw materials:

This is imported raw materials from Japan, we use it for our PBO roller sleeves / endless belt:Pure PBO

good material is golden in color because it belongs to metal fibers, and the dull color indicates that it may have been reused.
Our raw materials can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees, and they have very good wear resistance,
which is very good for the aluminum extrusion factory,
so you don’t need to worry about the quality problem.

Also please compare to the below PBO raw material with poor quality,
they are not imported raw materials.


They can only withstand temperatures at 500-550 degrees,
which is not enough for 600 degrees. Poor quality fibers are messy, indicating they are short fibers,
have poor cohesion, and have a shorter service life. It will be very easier to have quality problems if you are using this kind of poor quality product,
also will increase the factory operation cost.

Also, in order to keep good performance of the PBO roller sleeves / endless belt, we should pay attention to the storage of them.
Put them in the clean and dry place, and keep away from oil and sun exposure.

Finally, Choosing a good endless belt factory is very important to the quality of the PBO felt product.

A good factory has advanced equipment and technology, excellent staff and management, excellent supply chain management, and strict quality control.


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