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Safety Rules for Laundry Management

1,589 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 2月 18,2023

Read Safety Rules for Laundry Management to be a qualified manager.

PARTⅠ Laundry room Safety General Rules

(1)In order to ensure your safety, please strictly follow the code for the daily use and maintenance of equipment. As a result of not according to the code of conduct operation caused the quality accident, and the operator shall be responsible for themselves.
(2)The laundry room is a professional work area. Industrial laundry shall comply with the professional requirements of fire safety, personal safety, and other mandatory laws.
(3)Laundry equipment is professional equipment. It must be operated by only professional and trained operators. One should master the contents of the instructions for the use of various equipment to operate the equipment. Other personnel shall not operate the equipment without permission.

(4)The use of industrial laundry equipment requires a variety of energy sources such as water, electricity, steam, and compressed air, and the use of each energy source should strictly follow the safety requirements of each energy source. Meanwhile, the mutual influence, which may lead to accidents, between energy sources should be avoided.
(5)The repair and maintenance of equipment require professional skills, and personnel with professional skills should be designated to operate. All repairs and maintenance work shall be carried out when the equipment is down and all energy supplies are off. During the repair and maintenance should have enough professionals, in order to avoid field communication problems leading to accidents.

PARTⅡ Laundry room Daily Safety Rules

(1)The interior of the laundry room should maintain a clean working environment, and clean interior of the laundry room in time.
(2)All equipment should be operated in accordance with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Illegal operation and equipment overload operations are prohibited.
(3)If there is any abnormal sound or smell during the operation of the equipment, cut off the power supply immediately for maintenance.
(4)The maintenance of laundry equipment should be done by professionals. Non-professionals are forbidden to open the outer box of the device and adjust the internal components.
(5)In the washing procedure, the technical personnel should strictly check and conscientiously do the commanding work.
(6)The equipment should be cleaned and maintained after daily use. To prevent the residual in the washing equipment, detergent cause corrosion to the equipment.
(7)The laundry equipment should be maintained regularly. Each transmission device should be lubricated once every three months and maintained every half a year.
(8)If the equipment parts are damaged, contact the manufacturer in time, and purchase the parts from the original manufacturer for replacement.
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(9)The installation and commissioning of laundry equipment in each laundry room must be completed by professionals.
(10)One must turn off the water and electricity before leaving. Violate operational procedures, thereby causing loss to the accident, responsibility conceited.

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Safety Rules for Laundry Management

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