What are the functional properties of PBO fibers?

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The function and quality of felt are greatly affected by the raw materials. The kind of raw material, purity, and production process will also directly affect the quality and function of felt.

This paper introduces one of the raw materials of felt, PBO, which is called the 21st century super fiber. PBO is a kind of metal fiber. As a super fiber in the 21st century, it has excellent physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

PBO/Kevlar Felt Roller fibers

The felt made with PBO as the raw material is usually brown or tawny in shapes such as roller, belt, and pad. The physical and chemical properties of PBO fibers completely exceed those of Kevlar, which has been a leader in the field of high-performance fibers.

PBO roller with temperature resistance up to 600℃ can be used for aluminum extruder outlet and slide. When the aluminum profile is extruded through the mold, the temperature is as high as 550℃. With ordinary materials, the world simply cannot withstand such a high temperature, but PBO can.They all trust in Pure PBO/Kevlar Felt Roller Sleeve supplier.

PBO Felt Rollers supplier

PBO felt belt is suitable for large tonnage, large volume profile production line, using PBO belt can extend the service life of the belt, better save the cost.

PBO felt belt wholesalers

PBO can also withstand a variety of sharp shape aluminum wear, but will not pollute the aluminum, the majority of customers can safely use.

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