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PBO roller is made of layered needles of PBO fiber and para-aramid fiber. It is mainly used in the discharge port and sliding table of aluminum profile extruder. When the aluminum profile is extruded through the mold, its temperature is as high as 550 ℃, with ordinary materials that can not withstand such a high temperature for a long time. But PBO fiber is a kind of high-temperature resistant material, its highest temperature resistance can reach 600℃.

PBO is a metal fiber, which has very high strength (20 times that of steel). As a super-performance fiber in the 21st century, it has very excellent physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties. Its strength is 2 times that of Kevlar fiber. It also has the heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties of Nomex fiber, and its physical and chemical properties completely exceed Kevlar fiber, which has so far been a leader in the field of high-performance fibers.

The key to determining the service life of the PBO roller tube is the density of the surface PBO rather than its thickness. The strong and dense PBO layer can ensure that it can work in a continuous high-temperature environment of 550 ℃, and withstand the wear of various sharp aluminum shapes. Its advantage lies in that it is impossible to have the phenomenon of raising layers, unevenness, scales, and pollution of aluminum. On the contrary, the low-density PBO roller is not tight enough due to the PBO fiber and the para-aramid fiber of the bottom layer, which will cause the surface layer of PBO to wear in layers and layers under continuous wear. Once the PBO fiber layer is worn through, the bottom layer The service life of para-aramid is no more than 15 days.

PBO products of Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd. have a smooth surface, excellent technology, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance. For more information about PBO products, please go to the product catalog. PBO ROLLER

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