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Are Nomex felt products made of fiber?

980 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 6月 05,2021

Flame retardant textiles, most of which are finished products of pure chemical fiber or pure cotton, generally have defects such as rough and hard feel, low strength, and melting drop in case of fire. Today’s presentation is Nomex Felt.

Most of the high-grade durable flame retardant textiles with comprehensive properties such as durability and wearability are dependent on imports.

To develop high-quality flame retardant products, and replace the imported, we select and use aramid fiber, flame retardant viscose fiber, aramid fiber, and weaving and dyeing finishing technology research, through one of the key technology research.

Development of open issue has durable flame retardant properties of aramid fiber series products, has obtained the good effect.

The product has a soft feel

Nomex has excellent fluidity, drapability, hygroscopicity, high strength, wear resistance, good drapability of cloth finish, colorfastness, as well as carbonization in case of fire, and other excellent characteristics.

to meet the quality requirements of high and middle-grade flame retardant clothing, Nomex Felt, and decorative fabrics.

Problems solved in the spinning process

Because the aramid fiber is very fluffy, elastic, high elongation and processing is easy to accumulate static electricity; Flame-retardant viscose fiber has low wet strength, poor wear resistance, easy to get static electricity, brittleness of fiber, poor holding force between fiber and fiber, difficulty in yarn formation, bulky yarn, and low strength, and high end breaking rate when spinning.

Raw material and product performance

The Nomex fiber belongs to the aromatic polyamides, which is the polymer-benzoyl m-phenylenediamine fiber. Excellent heat resistance; Good flame retardant and chemical resistance;

It has good mechanical properties. High breaking strength, elongation, soft feel, not softening at high temperature, not melting, only carbonization. Burning smoke concentration is low, and low calorific value, washing resistance. After many washing flame retardant performance to maintain good, Nomex belt manufactured has good dimensional stability and wearability.

Flame retardant Nomex Felt fabrics are required to be crisp, wear-resistant, and beautiful. From the safety requirements, flame retardant, and high-temperature resistance are required: in the fabric specifications, the first consideration to meet the safety requirements is; The structure, weight, and thickness of the fabric will affect the flammability of the fabric.

Such as the high twist of the yarn, fabric structure is close, small air permeability, not easy to fully contact with the surrounding air, combustion is difficult, the similar structure of the fabric, the weight of the unit area is heavier, the more difficult to ignite, according to the above analysis. We decided to produce thick-ply 2/1 left twill fabric, which achieved the desired results.




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