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Saudi Arabia Case – Buy 5000 Felt Spacer Sleeve At a Low Price.

540 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 1月 22,2022

Spacer Bar Sleeve Price is ?

Location: Saudi Arabia


In October 2019, I received an inquiry from Alibaba.
Akbar asked me about the price of spacer sleeves for the aluminum profile industry.
I confirmed with him the size and quantity of the aluminum bars.
He said he needed 500pcs of spacer sleeves and I quoted him the Spacer Sleeve price.
Akbar told me that he used to import spacer sleeves from Europe. the cost is too high.
He needs a good quality felt spacer sleeve at a good price.

Where is the price cheap?

I replied that you can totally trust the quality of the made in China.
Spacer sleeves made in China are no worse than European ones.
The manufacturing process is the same. The same as the heat resistance
In terms of price, the Chinese felt spacer sleeves are cheaper.
what is the reason?
Because China’s production labor is cheap.
Advanced equipment and sufficient productivity.
So the exported spacer sleeves are cheap.
The quality is the same, of course, choose the cheaper one. This reduces procurement costs, which can be invested elsewhere.


Compare with other suppliers

Akbar says he’s in no rush and just needs to test backup supplier products before running out of existing stock of spacer sleeves.
I asked him if he wanted a sample.
He said needed.


Soon, Akbar received the sample and tested it. After a while, I contacted him to ask about the test results. He didn’t reply to me. During that time I called him but didn’t answer.
Half a year has passed. It’s finally July 2020 and Akbar finally got in touch with me.
He said the quality of the spacer sleeves samples was good, passed the test, and was approved by the top management.
Next, he told me he needed the price of 5000pcs of spacer sleeves. I sent him the quotation.

Final confirmation

Akbar wants to get the spacer sleeves in August.
5000 felt sleeves with 7 days delivery time. Shipping time is about 30 days. Totally possible.
Soon he placed an order for me and received the goods in August.


– Happy Cooperation –

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