What is industrial felt and its application?

789 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 6月 01,2021

The use of industrial felt can be seen everywhere in life, in many equipment products have its figure, but there are many people do not know its value, today let me tell you about it in detail.

What is the industrial felt? It is mainly made of PBO, KevlarNomexPolyester, using the needle punched technology.

Features of industrial felt:

  1. High density, not easy to lose;
  2. Good temperature resistance can be used as high-temperature resistant materials;
  3. Tight structure, small pores, can be used as a good heat insulation material;
  4. Tight structure, small pores, can be used as a good heat insulation material

Industrial felt blanket      kevlar Industrial felt

Notes for use of industrial felt:

  1. The density unit of felt is (gram/cubic centimeter). If the density is too high, the elasticity will be lost. If the density is too small, the wear resistance will be lost. Thickness, the thickness of the wool also have different effects on its performance, the use of units can be selected or informed according to the use of appropriate requirements, so as not to affect the use.

2, the current varieties of felt points: special felt, ordinary felt. The difference is to divide by the thickness of the hair, the size of the density, and the difference in color; Technical requirements are according to the strength, elongation, capillary action to divide, the use of units can be selected according to the need. We can inspect the goods according to this standard when we inspect them.

Usage of industrial felt: can be used in the built-in materials of household appliances, such as tape recorders, computers, cameras, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, etc. In the mechanical aspect, it can be used in aluminum, textile, laundry, steel, motor equipment, gas masks, refrigeration machines, and semiconductors. Not only that, in the automobile and sports equipment, stationery and other fields are also widely used. It’s very important material.

Among them, high temperature resistant Felt is used in aluminum, textile, laundry, and steel industries. Aluminum profile Felt Roller, Kevlar Endless Belt, Nomex spacer sleeve can be made by Conveyor Felt Roller, Kevlar Endless Belt, Nomex spacer sleeve. Textile felt is Endless or pad.

Industrial felt price: has a certain relationship with the composition, there are PBO, aramid, polyester, Nomex fiber, more industrial felt related information can pay attention to pure technology co., LTD. We are a leading supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of high-temperature-resistant industrial felt.

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