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Do you really understand what polyester is?

1,586 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 4月 29,2021

Polyester fiber,a generalised term for any fabric or textile,commonly known as “polarized terephthalate“.It is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester condensed by organic diacid and dialcohol, PET fiber for short, which belongs to high molecular compound.

The history 

As early as 1894, Vorlander used succinyl chloride and ethylene glycol to produce polyester of low relative molecular weight;In 1898 Einkorn synthesized polycarbonate;Carothers synthetic aliphatic polyester: early synthetic polyester is mostly aliphatic compounds, its relative molecular weight and melting point are low, soluble in water, so it does not have the use value of textile fiber.In 1941, British Wingfield Whinfield and Dickson (Dickson) synthesized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG). This kind of polymer can be spun through melt to produce excellent fiber performance.In 1953, the United States first set up a factory to produce PET fiber. It can be said that PET fiber is a kind of fiber developed later in the large variety of synthetic fiber.

polyester fiber felt belt

Polyester fiber


Polyester fiber has a series of excellent properties, the biggest advantage of polyester fiber is wrinkle resistance and shape retention is good, with high strength and elastic recovery ability.Its firm and durable, wrinkle-resistant and ironing free, non-stick wool.excellent heat setting effect, good heat and light resistance.Polyester fibre melting point is 255 ℃ or so, the glass transition temperature about 70 ℃, in a broad range of end-use conditions stable shape, fabric wash and wear resistance, in addition, also has excellent impedance (such as resistance to organic solvent, soap, detergent, bleach solution, oxidant) as well as good corrosion resistance, the weak acid, alkali, such as stability, thus has wide use and industrial use.Fiber has the advantages of high modulus, high strength, high elasticity, good shape retention and heat resistance, has become the most widely used, the largest consumption of fiber varietiescan be strong, wrinkle- and tear-resistant.

·The color is generally milky white with mercerization, and the density is 1.333g/cm3

·Light resistance: there is a strong absorption band only in the 315nm light wave area, and the intensity only loses 60% after 600h of sunlight irradiation, which is similar to cotton.

·Good resilience, elongation of 5%, after the load can be almost completely recovered.

resistant fiber

Other high temperature resistant fiber

The important thing is

·Abrasion resistance.Its wear resistance is second only to nylon, and more than other synthetic fibers, wear resistance is almost the same

·Thermal properties: softening point T is 230-240℃, melting point TM is 255-265℃, decomposition point T is about 300℃

·Microbial resistance.resistant to microorganisms and is not affected by moths and moulds

·For example, after a tense heat setting at about 180℃ after stretching, the strength of more than 6cN/dtex and the elongation of high strength below 30% can be obtained。

Polyester Felt Roller Polyester Felt Belt for Aluminium machine

Polyester Felt Roller and Felt Belt


Polyester fiber is mainly used in a wide range of applications, such as cord, conveyor belt, rope, electrical insulation materials, etc., and is mostly used in the production of clothing and industrial production of handicrafts.Flame retardant polyester fiber for a permanent flame retardant grade, use scope is very wide, in addition to building decorative textiles, project design, transport within the irreplaceable effect into full play such as decoration design, and protective clothing industry, aluminum and iron and other metal processing industry, extruder cooling table in the spare parts give full play to the effect of the many.According to the characteristics of high temperature resistance and heat resistance, high pilling resistance, fire prevention and heat insulation textile fiber, and then by clustering, stretching, crimping, heat setting, cutting and other processes to get the finished product, such as the  Polyester Felt Roller Sleeve,Polyester Endless Felt Belt.

High temperature resistance of 180 degrees Polyester Felt Roller Sleeve the low temperature area used for the cold bed transmission of aluminum extrusion machine is also called the three-stage cold table. The extruded aluminum is transported to the measuring table after being cooled by the cold bed.Polyester Endless Felt Belt for aluminium extrusion machines in secondary cooling table.


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