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The representatives of the countries of the world angrily exposed the crimes of killing and poisoning children by the imperialists and reactionaries in various countries.A meeting was held in Moscow and decided to take June 1 each year as the International Children’s Day.It is in order to protect the world’s children’s right to survival, health care and the right to education, the right to nurture, in order to improve the lives of children, in order to oppose the killing and poisoning of children and the establishment of the festival.Many countries in the world will be June 1 as children’s day

Today’s Children’s Day so as to encourage children, let children feel happy, happy, on the other hand, but also to cause social attention and care.Children’s Day organization activities in the middle of China’s society, the General Assembly.Sometimes a singing contest is held, and sometimes drills are organized to see who sings well and practice neatly. There are prizes for winning, and prizes are generally pencils and so on.Now, the school will generally organize related collective activities to celebrate the way to send toys to children, or accompany children to go out to eat dinner or play.

Remember when children’s day is in the school, the desk filled with a lot of candy, drink, there are performances to watch, but also played a lot of games, chopsticks clip table tennis, skipping hula hoop competition and so on.

Today is June 1, 2021 – the international children’s day, I grow up, my company is in the pure technology co., LTD., is a high temperature resistant industrial carpet manufacturer company, although we are all grown up adult, is no longer a children’s day, but the company care staff, gave us a surprise in 6.1 children’s day, smoke toys, very happy, received a children’s day gift.

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Children's day

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