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Choose a Good Aramid Heat Resistant Felt Company

1,351 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 2月 10,2023

Aramid Flame Retardant Nonwoven Fabric 1414 Aramid Heat Resistant Felt Material

Born in the late 1960s, aramid fiber was initially little known as a space development material and an important strategic material. After the end of the Cold War, aramid, as a high-tech fiber material, was widely used in the civilian field, and it gradually became known. The full name of aramid fiber is “aromatic polyamide fiber”, which is a new type of special-purpose synthetic fiber. There are two types of aramid fibers with practical value: one is the meta-aramid fiber whose molecular chains are arranged in a zigzag shape, which is called aramid 1313 in my country; the other is the para-aramid fiber whose molecular chains are arranged in a straight line. Our country calls it aramid fiber 1414.

1. Aramid fiber roving fabric mainly uses aramid 1414 filaments, and the roving is made of parallel raw filaments or parallel monofilaments. The monofilament diameter of aramid fibers used in the production of rovings ranges from 5 to 15 μm. Rovings are available in gauges from 100 to 8000 (tex). Twistless roving can be directly used in some composite material process forming methods, such as special textile, sheet material prepreg, pipe winding, profile pultrusion and other processes. The untwisted yarn can be woven into untwisted roving because of its uniform tension. Gauze and special aramid fabrics are used in aerospace, national defense, military and other special industries.

There are mainly low-weight aramid plain weave fabrics, one of the bulletproof fabrics; aramid non-weft fabrics, that is, UD bulletproof fabrics; aramid unidirectional fabrics, which require high strength in a single direction of 0 degrees in the warp direction or 90 degrees in the weft direction. Occasions, such as structural repair, seismic reinforcement, building reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, etc.; decorative aramid cloth can also be woven into twill aramid cloth and colored aramid cloth.

2. Aramid non-woven fabric, felt sheet, aramid paper, used for insulation

3. Aramid fiber twisted fine gauze, aramid fabric, aramid fabric, mainly aramid 1313 or a small amount of 1414 staple fiber

Pure high temperature resistant felt company is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The main aluminum profile extrusion production line is equipped with Aramid Heat Resistant Felt products, including 600°C (PBO extra high temperature series), 500°C Kevlar (high temperature series), 280°C Nomex (medium temperature series), 180°C (low temperature series) seamless conveyor belts, felt rollers , Flat-type felt strips, aluminum anti-scratch protection strips, felt sets for aging furnaces, timing belts with felts, etc. With first-class technical force and strong manufacturing capacity, we can tailor products with special specifications to meet the special needs of high-end customers.
With the continuous development of the world economy, exchanges between countries and industries have become more frequent. Technology and talents are two indispensable swords for the development of enterprises. Pure Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing the world’s latest scientific research technology and talents and widely uses new materials in the production process, so that the Kevlar felt has extraordinary wear resistance and greatly prolongs the service life. Powerful production equipment, world-class precision manufacturing technology, almost harsh enterprise production process standards, and quality control system keep the technical indicators of conveyor belt felt products at the international advanced level. Up to now, Kevlar Felt Company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and won the title of Chinese Famous Brand. It has become a large and professional manufacturer of felt products after the thermal processing of aluminum materials in China. One of the big export enterprises.

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