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The Dragon Boat Festival has a history of more than 2,000 years, dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.There are many legends and origins of the Dragon Boat Festival. Here is only one of the most popular legends:

It originates from the memory of Qu Yuan

According to Records of the Historian, Qu Yuan was a minister of King Huai of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period.He advocated the ability of the elite, rich the country and strong military, the main Qi anti Qin, was strongly opposed by the noble Zi Lan et al., Qu Yuan was greedy to resign, was driven out of the capital, exile.In 278 B. C., the Qin army conquered the capital of Chu.Seeing his motherland being invaded, Qu Yuan was heartbroken, but he could not bear to give up his motherland all the time. On May 5, after writing his last work “Huai Sand”, he threw himself into the Miluo River with a boulder and died, composing a magnificent patriotic movement with his own life.

It is said that after the death of Qu Yuan, the people of Chu rushed to the bank of the Miluo River to pay their respects to him.The fishermen rowed their boats up and down the river for his real body.A fisherman took out rice balls, eggs and other food prepared for Qu Yuan and threw them into the river “pluff, pluff”, saying that the fish, lobster and crab were full, so that they would not bite Doctor Qu’s body.People saw it and followed suit.An old doctor poured a jar of realgar wine into the river, saying he wanted the medicine to stun all aquatic animals so as not to harm Doctor Qu.Later, in order to avoid being eaten by flood dragons, people came up with the idea of wrapping rice with neem leaves and wrapping colorful silk around it, which developed into brown rice.

Later, on the fifth day of May each year, there was the custom of dragon boat race, eating zongzi and drinking realgar wine;To commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

The customs of Dragon Boat Festival:

China’s folk Dragon Boat Festival is more solemn, celebration is a variety of activities, the more common activities have the following forms:

Dragon Boat Race: Dragon Boat Race is the main custom of the Dragon Boat Festival.According to legend, originated in the ancient Chu people because of reluctant to give up the virtuous minister Qu Yuan died in the river, many people rowing to save the chase.They scrambled to catch up to Dongting Lake when no trace.After May 5 every year to commemorate the dragon boat.Borrow rowing dragon boat to disperse the fish in the river, so as not to eat Qu Yuan’s body.The habit of racing was prevalent in Wu, Yue and Chu.

Every year the Dragon Boat Festival will be held with its own characteristics of the dragon boat race.In 1736, the Dragon Boat Race was held in Taiwan.Now dragon boat races are held every May 5 in Taiwan.In Hong Kong, the race is also held.In addition, rowing dragon boat has also been introduced to neighboring countries such as Japan, Vietnam and Britain.

Eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival is another traditional custom of the Chinese people.Zongzi, also known as “jiao shu”, “tube zongzi”.It has a long history and various patterns.At the beginning of May every year, Chinese people soak glutinous rice, wash zongzi leaves and make zongzi, with more varieties of designs and colors.From the filling point of view, the northern package of Beijing jujube reed;In the south, there are bean paste, fresh meat, ham, egg yolk and other fillings, which is represented by zhejiang jiaxing zongzi.The custom of eating zongzi has been popular in China for thousands of years.

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