Cotton spinning process: cleaning, carding

472 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 6月 18,2022

Cleaning process

(1) Cotton opening: Loosen the compressed raw cotton into smaller cotton blocks or cotton bundles to facilitate the smooth mixing and impurity removal;

(2) Cotton cleaning: remove most of the impurities, defects, and short fibers that are not suitable for spinning in raw cotton.

(3) Blending: Fully and evenly blend raw cotton with different components to stabilize the quality of cotton yarn.

(4) Rolling: make cotton rolls with a certain weight, length, uniform thickness, and good shape.

Carding process

(1) Carding: Decompose the cotton block into a single fiber state to improve the straight and parallel state of fibers.

(2) Impurity removal: remove small impurities and short lint in the cotton lap.

(3) Mixing: the fibers are further fully and uniformly mixed.

(4) Sliver: make a sliver that meets the requirements.

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