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Correction Technology of Aluminum Extrusion Die

909 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 1月 08,2022

Correction Technology of Aluminum Extrusion Die, During the extrusion process, the aluminum alloy is subjected to strong friction from the extrusion cylinder wall, the end face of the die, the shunt hole, the welding cavity, the surface of the tongue, and the surface of the working belt of the die hole, and the flow rate is uneven.
This flow non-uniformity will increase significantly when extruding products with asymmetrical shapes, large differences in the size of each part, and complex shapes.

Aluminum Extrusion Die

There are various factors that affect the speed of metal flowing out of the die hole, but they can be summarized into the following two aspects:
(1) Whether the metal distribution of each part of the supplied product is reasonable, and whether the ratio of the cross-sectional area of ​​each part of the product is equal to the ratio of the metal supply of each corresponding part.
Including the size, shape, number, number, and distribution of shunt holes.
(2) The size of the frictional resistance when the metal flows, including the shape, size, number, and depth of the shunt hole, the shape and depth of the welding cavity, the length of the working belt between the die core and the die hole, and the size of the die hole and the direct contact part of the metal surface condition and lubrication.

The method of repairing the mold to slow down the speed of the metal flowing out of the die hole is called obstruction. The main ways to achieve obstacles are:
(1) Make an obstructing angle
A certain angle is repaired at a certain length at the entrance of the die hole working belt, which is called the blocking angle.

(2) Pockmarking
On the working end face of the mold, where the flow velocity of the metal needs to be slowed down, dense small pits with a depth of 0.5 to 1 mm and a diameter of 1 to 3 mm are made around the die hole to increase the frictional resistance between the metal and the end face of the mold. This method is relatively simple, but for more complex molds, it needs to be carried out at the same time as the obstacle to show the effect.

3) Repair welding work belt
Where the obstruction needs to be increased, repair and weld a suitable length of working belt from the outlet end of the working belt of the mold. This acts as an additional impediment due to the increased effective length of the working belt.
(4) Surfacing welding
Around the die hole that needs to be obstructed on the working end face of the mold, or at the appropriate position of the welding cavity, a section of boss is built up with electric welding to increase the resistance of metal flow.
(5) Repair shunt bridge, shunt hole, welding cavity, diversion hole
For plane dies with diversion holes, plane shunt dies, tongue dies, etc., the above methods cannot be used to hinder the extrusion site. At this time, the angle of the tongue inlet can be modified with a grinding wheel or the size and shape of a certain part of the population can be changed. method to impede the flow of metal. Sometimes it is done on a milling or EDM machine.

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