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Compacting Needled Felt Blanket: Make your fabric more fit, comfortable and beautiful

970 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 11月 03,2023

Compacting Needled Felt Blanket is suitable for what types of knitted fabrics?

Application: Compacting Needled Felt Blanket is suitable for all types of knitted fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, modal, spandex, silk, wool, etc.
These knitted fabrics are protected and supported by the Compacting Needled Felt Blanket during the compaction process, avoiding the risk of stretching, deformation, or damage.
Parameter selection: Different types of knitted fabrics may require different compaction temperatures, pressures, and speeds to achieve the best results.
For example, cotton-knitted fabrics generally require higher temperatures and pressures, while silk-knitted fabrics require lower temperatures and pressures.
The compaction speed also affects the shrinkage rate and feel of the knitted fabrics.
Custom service: Felt Blankets can be customized according to customer needs with different materials, thicknesses, densities, and heat resistance to suit different knitted fabrics.
Generally speaking, the better the material, the larger the thickness, the higher the density.
The higher the heat resistance, the better the compaction effect, and the higher the cost.

How to choose the size of Compacting Needled Felt Blanket?

The standard for dimensions: The size of Compacting Needled Felt Blanket should be selected according to the cylinder diameter and length of the compactor or ironing machine.
Generally speaking, the diameter of the Felt Blanket should be about 10mm-20mm larger than the drum diameter, and the length should be about 50mm-100mm larger than the drum length.
Size change: This ensures sufficient tension and contact area between Felt Blanket and the roller.
If the size of the Felt Blanket is too small, it will cause sliding or fall off;
If the size is too large, it will cause wrinkles or accumulation.
Size adjustment: The size of the Felt Blanket will also change with time due to temperature, pressure, and friction. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust it regularly.

What is the service life of Compacting Needled Felt Blankets?

Factors for the use: The service life of Felt Blankets is affected by many factors, such as material, temperature, pressure, speed, cleaning, and maintenance.
Generally speaking,  Felt Blanket has a useful life of between 6 months and 12 months.
The service life: If Felt Blanket is found to be worn, deformed, broken, or burnt, it should be replaced in time.
These situations will not only affect the compaction effect but also damage the roller or knitted fabric.
Timing of replacement: To extend the service life of the Felt Blanket, it should be cleaned and lubricated regularly and avoid excessive or low temperature, pressure, and speed.

Compacting Needled Felt Blanket

Does Compacting Needled Felt Blanket cause contamination or damage to the knitted fabric?

Timing of replacement:  Felt Blanket is made of high-quality heat-resistant fibers that do not contain any harmful substances or dyes and will not cause contamination or damage to knitted fabrics.
The Surface smoothness: The surface of the Felt Blanket is very smooth and will not scratch or adhere to knitted fabrics, ensuring the quality and appearance of knitted fabrics.
Permeability and hygroscopicity: Felt Blanket also has good breathability and moisture absorption.
It can help knitted fabrics discharge excess moisture and heat and prevent mildew or discoloration.


Does Compacting Needled Felt Blanket need to be replaced or adjusted regularly?

Contraction and elongation: During use, there will be a certain degree of shrinkage and elongation due to temperature, pressure, and friction.
Matching and tension: To ensure the match and tension between Felt Blanket and roller.
It is recommended to check the size of the Felt Blanket every once in a while and replace or adjust it as needed.
Method for replacing or adjusting: When replacing or adjusting Felt Blanket.
It should be noted that turn off power. Remove the old Felt Blanket.
Install a new Felt Blanket. And adjust appropriate tension and position.


Are there different colors available for Compacting Needled Felt Blankets?

Color reason: Usually white or light color. This is to avoid staining or fading on knitted fabrics.
Color selection: Felt Blankets can also provide different colors.
Such as red. Blue. Green. Etc… These colors are treated with special dyes and processes and will not fade or fade.
Color function: Customers can choose the right color according to their preferences and needs.
Different colors can also be used to distinguish different compactors or ironing machines. Or for decoration and beautification.


Is Compacting Needled Felt Blanket Customizable?

It can be customized according to customer needs.
Customers can provide their desired Felt Blanket material, thickness, density, temperature, color, size, and other parameters, or their own compactor or ironing machine model and specifications.
Based on this information, we will customize the appropriate felt blanket for our customers.
Custom felt can better meet the special needs and preferences of customers.
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