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Shocked! The characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows – Architectural aluminum products

753 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 3月 18,2022

Aluminum profile products are widely used in many industries, such as construction, industry, furniture, transportation and automobile industry, interior and exterior wall decoration, aviation technology, communication industry, and other commercial purposes.
Aluminum profiles used in construction include door and window materials, curtain wall materials, aluminum formwork, and aluminum climbing frames.

Aluminum profiles used in construction
Door and window materials can use solid wooden, plastic steel, aluminum alloy, stainless metal.

Today’s focus is on aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy doorways and windows are among the most popular window and door materials, which are made from aluminum alloy extruded information as frames, stiles, and fans.

Various door (window) designs are made based on customer requirements, such as push-pull, side-open, top-hung, etc. This is not hard to sign in the manufacturing process and can meet the needs of consumers at different levels.

The particular quality of top-quality aluminum alloy doorways and windows can be improved from the selection of raw materials (aluminum profiles), aluminum surface treatment, and inner processing technology.
Aluminum profile

1. Aluminium alloy doors and windows are extremely easy to reduce

Because aluminum metal doors and home windows are lightweight, it is very near installation and transportation, and it also has advantages in cutting injuries, which are not available consist of materials.
This material can be cut into a variety of different styles and shapes and can meet consumers’ different needs, so it is deeply adored by everyone.

2. Aluminum alloy home windows and doors are corrosion-resistant

The service life of lightweight aluminum alloy doors and windows will be relatively long, because its corrosion opposition is quite high, and it can be less than a variety of corrosion, even if it can be used outdoors, it will not be easily affected.

3. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are easy to clean

Outdoor doors and windows have always been difficult to clean, because there are many sources of outdoor pollution, and they must be cleaned every once in a while.
If you use aluminum alloy doors and windows, you can reduce the difficulty of cleaning, because the doors and windows of this material can be cleaned by just rinsing with water.

4, Aluminum alloy doors and windows price concessions

Compared with materials with the same properties, the biggest benefit of aluminum alloys is the price. The price is much lower than those of materials with the same properties, which is very affordable.
Many people will put it to use because the first choice for windows and entry doors.

Does your extrusion plant produce aluminum window and door profiles that meet these characteristics?
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