What is Needled Nonwoven, Needled Felt? Needled technology

605 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 3月 05,2022

Typically the special needling method, also known while “needling”, originated while a new grow older felting process,
which in turn is a solution to make textiles or perhaps fabrics directly straight into fibers and neglect the advantages regarding the yarn method.
The term “non-woven” arose because this specific production technique creates a material with zero need for weaving cloth or knitting operations.
Together with the advancement regarding man-made fibers, typically the technology has become even more developed inside the cloth industry.
Synthetic elements with a “smooth” structure require a new different way regarding entanglement than standard felting methods,
which in turn require PBO, Kevlar synthetic fiber, Nomex, polyester fabric.

The fibers will be layered in an unfastened matte frame, and so when a needle-wound is used, that penetrates the volume of the fibers.
Thin needles are generally made of “barbs” that hook or perhaps lock onto typically the material,
interlocking these people as the filling device moves in a new continuous upward and even downward fashion.
An individual can usually locate two or even more needle stick places.
The principal needling or perhaps “pinning” is to be able to tie the levels of fibers with each other.
Even more hook punching steps accept the fabric to the particular desired thickness plus gauge.

Needled Felt company

Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd.‘s acupuncture process combines standard techniques and specially designed equipment.
Therefore, Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd. can customize engineered solutions for every need and meet very precise requirements.
Many products are based on international Felt standards and textiles measured by ASTM guidelines.
The application often dictates the form and function of the product specified by the customer.
Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd. is uniquely prepared to develop and deliver a non-woven or felt that fits your precise design.

Needled Felt Roller Manufacturing Video

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