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The development trend of aluminum profile processing technology

875 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 11月 11,2022

The development trend of aluminum profile processing technology

1. Development trend of casting technology

(1) Optimize the chemical composition, main element ratio, and trace element content of aluminum profiles, control harmful elements, and continuously improve the purity of aluminum profiles;

(2) Strengthen and optimize the purification processing technology of aluminum melt to minimize the content of gas (H2, etc.) and inclusions in the melt,
For example, the content of H2 in every 100g of Al is less than 0.1mL; the mass fraction of Na ions is less than 3×10^-6, etc., and the purity of aluminum profiles is continuously improved;

(3) Strengthen and optimize the refining and metamorphic treatment technologies, continuously improve and perfect the refining processes such as Al-Ti-B and Al-Ti-C, and improve the metamorphic treatment processes such as Sr, Na, and P;

(4) Adopt advanced aluminum melting furnace type and high-efficiency nozzle to continuously improve melting technology and thermal efficiency;
At present, the largest aluminum melting furnace in the world is 150t, which is a round, pourable, and openable computer-controlled gas furnace; various furnace types are developing towards large-scale and automatic development;

(5) Adopt advanced casting methods, such as electromagnetic casting, oil-air mixed lubrication casting, short mold casting, etc., to improve production efficiency and product quality of aluminum profiles, save energy, reduce consumption and reduce costs;

(6) Adopt advanced homogenization treatment equipment and technology to improve the uniformity of chemical composition, structure, and performance of the ingot;

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casting funce

2. Development Trend of Rolling Technology

(1) The hot rolling mill is developing in the direction of large-scale, control automation and precision;
At present, the world’s largest hot rolling mill is the 5580mm hot rolling mill in the United States. The maximum width of the hot rolled plate is 5000mm and the longest is 30m;
The old-fashioned rolling mill with two-person rotation will be eliminated, and the four-high single-stand single-coiler will be replaced by a double-coiler,
Properly develop the production method of hot rough rolling + hot finishing rolling,
Vigorously develop 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, and other hot continuous rolling production methods to greatly improve production efficiency and aluminum quality;

(2) Continuous casting and rolling and continuous casting and rolling are developing in the direction of high speed, high precision, ultra-wide and thin walls;
Recently, the high-speed thin-walled continuous casting and rolling line developed in the United States can produce continuous casting and rolling plates with a width of 2000mm and a thickness of 2mm, and the speed can reach 10m/min. ;
Casting and rolling are also developing in the direction of wide width, high speed, and multi-alloy varieties;

(3) Cold rolling develops in the direction of wide width (greater than 2000mm), high speed (maximum 45m/s), high precision (±2μm), and highly automated control;
The development of continuous cold rolling can greatly improve the production efficiency of aluminum products;

(4) The rolling of aluminum foil is developing in the direction of wider, thinner, more precise, and more automatic; 0.004mm ultra-thin aluminum foil can be produced by double-rolling with unequal thickness; at the same time, other methods of producing aluminum foil such as spray forming have been developed ;

3. Development trend of aluminum extrusion technology

Aluminum extrusion is developing in the direction of large-scale, flat-width, thin-walled, high-precision, complex, multi-variety, multi-purpose, multi-functional, high-efficiency, and high-quality;
At present, the world’s largest aluminum extrusion machine is a 350MN vertical reverse extrusion machine, which can produce pipes with a diameter of 1500mm or more.
Russia’s 200MN horizontal extruder can produce 2500mm wide integral panels; there are more than 40 extruders over 80MN in the world,
Mainly produces large, thin-walled, flat-width hollow and solid aluminum profiles, precision, large-diameter thin-walled pipes;
New processes such as flat extrusion, combined die extrusion, wide-spread extrusion, high-speed extrusion, and high-efficiency reverse extrusion continue to emerge.
Continuous innovation in the structure of tooling and molds, and continuous improvement in the automation of equipment, process technology, and production management;
High-speed tube rolling and double-wire drawing technology will be further developed, and new technologies such as multi-bill extrusion, semi-solid extrusion, continuous extrusion, continuous casting, and continuous extrusion will be further improved;

Aluminum profile extrusion cooling table

4. The development trend of forging technology

Aluminum profile forgings are mainly used as important force-bearing structures; forging hydraulic presses are developing towards large-scale and precision; Russia’s 750MN, France’s 650MN, the United States 450MN and China’s 300MN are all heavy-duty forging hydraulic presses;
In recent years, China is designing and manufacturing 400MN and 800MN super-large vertical die-forging hydraulic presses, which will become the world’s largest; currently, the largest die forgings can reach 5.0 square meters,

and the maximum quality can reach more than 2.5t; precision die forging without machining allowance, New processes such as multi-directional die forging and isothermal die forging will be developed;
Due to the variety of aluminum profile die forgings, the small batch size, and the high cost of the die, there is a tendency in the world to replace the large die forgings with the CNC machining of pre-stretched thick plates;

5. Quality inspection and quality assurance

In order to ensure the quality of aluminum profile products, it is not only necessary to gradually establish various quality management and quality assurance systems (ISO9000, etc.),
It is also necessary to continuously develop various instruments and testing methods to achieve accurate and rapid inspection,
Guarantee the dimensional tolerance, shape and position accuracy, chemical composition, internal structure, mechanical properties, special properties, and surface quality of products to meet the requirements of technical standards;

6. Development of deep processing technology for aluminum profiles

Deep processing of aluminum profiles is one of the important ways to increase the added value of products and expand the application of aluminum profiles;
At present, the deep processing technology of aluminum profiles is mainly developed in the direction of new welding technology, gluing technology, riveting technology, new surface treatment technology, machining, and electrical processing;

7. Development of spare parts for aluminum profile cooling conveyor table equipment

Our company is vigorously engaged in research and development, real materials,
Felt raw materials are becoming purer and purer, without other impurities, to ensure the high quality of felt products,
Improve digital production technology,
The felt products of the conveying cooling table are resistant to high temperatures and have a long service life.

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