Nomex Felt Characteristic Is Very Powerful

668 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 6月 28,2021

Nomex felt material is lighter in weight, tougher, and more resistant, and it has a higher level of durability, protection, and efficiency

The characteristics of Nomex felt

The felt is made of Nomex fiber, which is made by interweaving warp and weft and then bonding with the characteristics of milling. Main features:
1. It is highly elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, gasket and elastic steel wire needle low felt.
2. Due to the good felting performance and not being easy to loosen, it can be punched into various shapes of parts.
3. Good heat preservation performance, can be used as heat insulation material.
4. Tight organization and small pores can be used as a good filter material.
5. Good abrasion resistance and can be used as polishing and polishing materials.

Matters needing attention when selecting felt

1. If the density of the felt is too high, it will lose its elasticity. If it is too small, it will lose its abrasion resistance. The thickness and the thickness of the wool will also affect its performance. Please inform the purpose when purchasing, so as not to affect the use.
2. At present, various types of felts are divided into special felts and general felts. The difference is divided according to the thickness of the hair, the size of the density, and the difference in color; the technical requirements are divided according to the presence or absence of strength, elongation, and capillary action, which can be checked during acceptance.
Nomex felt is divided into ordinary conveyor belts according to different use environments and includes (normal type, heat-resistant type, flame-retardant type, burn-resistant type, acid, and alkali resistant type, oil-resistant type), heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid-resistant Conveyor belt, what is the quality, the strength of the skeleton cloth, how many layers of cloth, etc., the requirements are different, the price is different.

Nomex felt



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