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Cost accounting for the use of industrial washing machines

1,431 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 7月 02,2022

Cost accounting for the use of industrial washing machines, We base each laundry cycle on 40 minutes.
I hope it can play a corresponding reference role for you when calculating the cost of industrial washing machines.

From an objective point of view, for industrial washing machines, the cost of use is the cost of electricity, steam, and water.
Here, only the wear of the machine and the consumption of detergent are not calculated.
This is because the specific costs of these two pieces are different when the user’s usage intensity and washing needs are different.
Because of this, we will not include it in the calculation scope here for now.


What we need to explain here is that the industrial washing machine has two heating methods: electric heating and steam heating. The purpose of heating is to heat the cold water, thereby improving the washing effect.

You can choose one of the two heating methods, that is to say, when you turn on the electric heating, you can ignore the cost of the steam heating, and when you turn on the steam heating, you can ignore the cost of the electric heating.


When you use an electric heating industrial washing machine and the electric heating function is turned on during production, then the cost of each use is motor power + electric heating power = total power, and then add water cost. It is its entire cost, such as a 100kg industrial washing machine, when the electric heating function is turned on, its electricity cost is 7.5+45=52.5 kWh. 1500KG of water.

Industrial Washing Machines Cost

And if you’re using a steam-heated industrial washing machine and have the heating turned on during production, the cost per use is the power consumption of the motor plus steam consumption, plus water consumption.

It is also a 100kg industrial washing machine. When heated with steam, the cost is 7.5 kWh of electricity, 50 kg of steam, and 1.5 tons of water.


It should be reminded later that the use cost of the above industrial washing machine is a theoretical value. When the user’s usage requirements are different and the usage conditions are different,

the Cost accounting for the use of industrial washing machines will also have a certain deviation. The above data is for reference only, please understand if there is any deviation.


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