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How is the laundry ironer used and what is the working principle?

1,396 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 12月 29,2022

How is the laundry ironer used and what is the working principle?

A laundry ironer is a kind of equipment used for ironing clothes, sheets, etc. It has some unique benefits.
We should also understand something about the working principle of the laundry ironer in order to use this equipment better.
Next, I will take you to take a look at how to use the laundry flat ironing machine and what its working principle is. I hope you will like it.

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One, How to use the ironing machine

1. When using an ironing machine to iron synthetic fiber clothes, because synthetic fibers will shrink or even melt and be damaged at high temperatures, you must pay great attention to the temperature and method of ironing.
If you don’t master it well, it will often make the color of the clothes turn yellow, and even burn holes.
Therefore, it is not possible to use a high-temperature flatwork ironers machine to iron synthetic fiber blended clothes like cotton cloth.

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2. If you use a steam flat roll ironer with water vapor, the steam will be ejected from the bottom of the laundry ironer machine, with a switch valve, which is easy to use, and the temperature should generally be mastered by experience.
If you use other flatwork ironing machines, such as a constant temperature flatwork Ironer for laundry with a knowledgeable temperature and adjustment device, you should control the temperature of the commercial ironing machine within a range close to the allowable temperature.
However, it is necessary to check frequently whether the automatic temperature adjustment device fails to prevent damage to the clothes.

3. If you use ordinary ironing equipment, there is a simple way to identify the temperature of the iron: that is, water drops on the bottom of the iron, and you can distinguish it by listening to the sound and observing the changes of the water droplets.

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Second, the working principle of the laundry ironing machine

The working principle of adding water to the ironing machine equipment during work:

1. For hydrophilic fibers, such as cotton, hemp, wool, and silk, and some man-made fibers such as viscose fibers, some water molecules will enter the interior of the fibers,
At the same time, it also gathers around the fibers, so that the fibers swell,
It even changes the chain structure of fiber molecules.
At this time, the effect of pressure and heat can make the fiber change shape according to the operator’s wishes, and then cool and shape, so as to achieve the purpose of ironing.

2. For hydrophobic fibers, such as polyester, cotton, acrylic, polypropylene, and acetate fibers, the effect of water is less than that of hydrophilic fibers.
The water molecules cannot cause these fibers to swell and swell, what they can do is make the heat of the iron more evenly transferred to the fibers.
The ironing of this type of fiber mainly relies on heat and pressure and is realized by changing the crystal structure of the fiber.
Therefore, when the textiles of this type of fiber are ironed with a professional flatwork ironer, it is particularly important to cool and set them quickly.

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The above is the relevant content about the industrial ironing machine shared with you today, I hope you will like it.

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