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How To Easily Choose A Suitable Polyester Felt Pad?

71 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 6月 04,2024

Do you know anything about polyester fiber?

polyester felt pad: This is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester formed by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and diol.

The advantage of polyester fiber is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, and has high strength and elastic recovery ability. It is durable, anti-wrinkle, non-ironing, and non-sticky.

The softening point T of polyester is 230-240℃, the melting point Tm is 255-265℃, and the decomposition point T is about 300℃. Polyester can burn in fire, curl, and melt into beads, with black smoke and an aromatic smell.

 polyester fiber

How did polyester become the polyester felt pad we wanted step by step?

Carding: The carding machine opens and combs heat-resistant fibers to remove impurities. The curled or lumpy fiber mass will become a state of a straight single fiber. 

Weaving Laying: The fiber enters the web laying machine and is driven by a toothed belt to cross-fold the polyester fiber single web output by the carding machine.

The weaving adopts advanced tension management technology to make it a multi-layer web with the required width and unit weight.

Hardened: Full resin or semi-resin treatments are available to improve the wear resistance and durability of the polyester heat-resistant felt pad.

It also prevents aluminum swarf or dirt from sticking to the industrial felt, reducing damage to the surface of aluminum profiles.

Cutting: The polyester high-temperature felt pad is cut with an electric rotating fabric cutting machine. 

Inspection:All finished products are checked using metal detector equipment to ensure there are no broken needles within the heat resistant Nomex felt strips.

Where can polyester fiber be used and suitable products?

Aluminum Industry:100% Polyester Felt Pad  (Color: White / Temperature:180℃(Room temperature)/ Material: Polyester / Density:400g/m²/mm / Thickness:4mm-12mm)

Polyester Felt Pad

Laundry Industry:100% Polyester Ironer Padding  (Color: Off-White/White / Temperature:160℃-260℃ / Material: Polyester or Nomex / Density:260g/m²/mm / Thickness:3mm-6mm / Width:3.3mm,3.6mm,3.8mm  / Dimension(L*W*H):Customized Size)

Polyester Ironer Padding

Textile Industry: Heat Press Pad  (Heat Press Printing Felt Blanket) (Color: Off-White/White / Temperature:160℃-260℃ / Material: Polyester or Nomex / Density: Customizable / Thickness:2mm-15mm/ Dimension(L*W*H): Customizable)

Heat Press Pad

Steel Industry: Steel Slitting Machine-Felt Tension Pad  (Color: White / Temperature:160℃ / Material: Polyester / Density:3200g,3700g, Customizable / Thickness:3-20mm / Dimension(L*W*H): Customized according to machine)

Felt Tension Pad

What are the advantages of polyester felt pads made with strict craftsmanship?

1. Endless and seamless attribute polyester felt padding without joints and seams. It has no weaknesses and has a flat thickness.

2. The aluminum profile felt strips are flat and have a smooth surface.

They do not contaminate aluminum. It is suitable for the production of aluminum products with extremely high requirements on electrophoresis and polished surfaces.

3. The high temperature-resistant felt material is 100% pure, without any impurities, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant. Its effective use time is longer than that of other manufacturers.

Foshan Pure Technology insists that products will only be delivered to customers after they have been rigorously tested.

If there’s anything you need or a question you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

We look forward to further communication with you and offering the help and support you require.


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