Function, type and temperature of industrial felt

1,338 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 5月 20,2021

Felt can be used in different industries, the more common aluminum industry, laundry industry, textile industry, steel industry and so on.

Different kinds of industrial felt have different functions. So, what kinds of industrial felt are there?

On one hand, industrial felt can be divided by shapes into rollers, seamless belts, pad, pad for basket, spacer bar,  high temperature gloves and so on.

On the other hand, industrial felt can be classified according to temperature resistance or raw materials. The specific classification is as follows:

Types Raw Material Temperature Resistance
Ultra-Temperature PBO 600℃
High Temperature Kevlar 500℃
Mesothermal Nomex 280℃
Low Temperature Polyester 180℃


That’s all for today’s sharing. We hope to deepen your understanding of the classification of industrial felt. Next time, we will share the functions of different kinds of industrial felt.

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