endless felt belt

Endless Felt Belt

Seamless endless felt comes with a variety of specifications and materials to choose from. Generally heat-resistant endless felts. There are many characteristics of the felts we produce that you have never known.

  1. Through strict quality management, we can ensure that our products can perfectly match the manufacturing requirements of aluminum extrusion. According to customer requirements and customized ring-shaped endless felt suitable for the machine.
  2. The use of high-grade raw materials and innovative production technology makes the conveyor endless felt belt more durable. It is flame-retardant and can withstand high temperatures up to 600°C.
  3. Industrial endless felt is especially suitable for producing aluminum profiles with electrophoresis or polished surfaces.endless felt rollerFelt Roller
  4. Our skilled professional team uses the best quality fiber to make this felt. The provided felts are widely used in the textile industry, steel industry, aluminum industry, and laundry industry in many industries.
  5. Strong ease of use, the conveying felt belt is easy to install on the jumping table, and the weight is light. It is also easy to store when changing.
  6. It produces less noise, and the industrial felt provides sound absorption and shock absorption functions. It can reduce operating noise and vibration and optimize the factory environment.
  7. Capable of continuous operation, the endless belt has a low elongation of less than 1%. During operation, it can withstand frequent rotation without deformation and deviation, which improves productivity. 
  8. High-temperature resistance, wear resistance, oleic acid resistance, corrosion resistance.
endless felt blanket

Felt Blanket

Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd. is a seamless felt manufacturing and supply of high-quality endless felt. Due to its best density and heat resistance, the provided endless felts are highly appreciated in the market. Sincere service, we will customize a suitable production plan for you. In addition, our esteemed customers can get this felt from us at a very reasonable price. Because we are the manufacturer.



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