How to better understand Kevlar conveyor belt

767 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 11月 06,2021

What is a Kevlar conveyor belt?
Kevlar is a registered trademark of para-aramid synthetic fiber. This high-strength material has many applications and of course conveyor belts.
The Kevlar conveyor belt is designed to move and convey any type of material and is the most reliable and reliable material for constructing a conveying system.
Its tensile strength is four to eight times that of steel, it is very light and very heat resistant.
Kevlar fiber is specially designed for stressful and demanding conditions and applications, which makes it suitable for many applications, from racing sails and bicycle tires, you can rest assured, even if the environment is not very good,
Advantages of Kevlar conveyor belt
Using non-stick conveyor belts means you can benefit from many advantages. The ring belt is rotating in normal use, and the tracks on both sides should be parallel and not runoff.
The high-temperature felt can withstand a temperature of 480 degrees, and it has yellow and green colors. It will turn yellow-brown when exposed to high temperatures during use.
Other features, First of all, it is very strong, so it will not break easily. Secondly, it is very heat resistant. You can easily use this belt to move the product at a temperature of 480 degrees without worrying about the product sticking to the belt.
Our main advantage is to accurately create a Kevlar conveyor belt that meets your needs. 
We provide machines and expertise to manufacture non-stick Kevlar belts of any width. If you want to know more about this, please feel free to contact us.

Kevlar belt

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