6 necessary equipment for aluminum extrusion plant construction

672 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 11月 12,2021

Aluminum profile

During the extrusion process,
The extruded metal can obtain a more intense and uniform three-dimensional compression stress state than rolling and forging in the deformation zone, which can give full play to the plasticity of the processed metal itself.
Therefore, the extrusion method can be used to process low-plasticity and difficult-to-deform metals or alloys that are difficult or even impossible to be processed by rolling or forging.
For some materials that must be processed by rolling or forging, such as 7A04, 7075, 5A06 and other alloy forgings, etc.,
The extrusion method is also commonly used to open the ingot first to improve its structure and increase its plasticity.
At present, extrusion is still the most superior method that can directly produce products from ingots.

Application of aluminium extrusion equipment production line:
The production line of aluminum extrusion equipment is divided into six types equipment,
They are an aluminum extrusion press, long rod hot shear furnace, aluminum alloy aging furnace, tractor, automatic cooling bed, and aluminum mold furnace.
The production of aluminum alloy profiles requires these six types of equipment, and none of them are indispensable.
These six types of equipment are an aluminum extrusion processing line, which is used for the extrusion processing of aluminum, magnesium, lead, and other metals and aluminum alloys.
It can produce all kinds of pipes, aluminum alloy doors, and windows, bars, architectural profiles, industrial profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows, rolling doors, vehicles and aviation, and other sheet products.
However, the production of different types of non-aluminum profiles requires different specifications of aluminum profile extrusion equipment to avoid unnecessary waste of raw materials.

The endless belt for transporting aluminum profiles is made of PBO/Kevlar/Nomex fiber as the raw material, and the Felt Belt, Felt Roller Tube, and Heat Resistant Felt Pad made by the needle punching process is used in the processing system of the aluminum extrusion plant.
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