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Heat Transfer Press Stamping commonly used Industry Terms

735 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 5月 27,2021

Transfer press stamping is a very popular special printing method today, a low cost has high technical content, color can be very good to meet the requirements of image designers, the high added value of products is widely used by more and more industries. The thermal transfer printing process is divided into two parts, one is the printing of transfer film, one is thermal transfer processing, when printing transfer film, there are some professional terms in the industry, here to tell you about.

Heat Press Felt


Any image that goes over the crop line or into the book slot.

Bleeding must indeed exceed the predetermined height of the line,

To cause to cut or install in trimming

There is a small amount of inaccuracy when ordering.


Full bleed:

The part of a printed image extends beyond the four sides of the page. Since few printing presses can feed the paper over the edge

For line printing, all edges must be cut off.



A device-independent color space, usually described as three variables (L, A, B).


A centrally controlled computer called the “server” and a distributed computer called the “client”

A computer-associated mode of computation. Clients can use the software on the server to do specific work.


Color gamut:

All colors can be processed by a color printer.


Color separation:

A method of converting the original manuscript into a structural form compatible with the color printing process.


Color space:

A three – or four-dimensional positioning coordinate system, each representing a system composed of three



The color of the variable definition.


Crop marks:

A-line is printed on the edge of a piece of paper to indicate where to cut.



Reflection density refers to the shading power of a surface; Transmission density refers to the shading power of a filter.



To transfer data from one computer to another computer or a device such as a printer

To lose.


Film setter:

Another name for laser imagesetter is mainly used to make image separators.


Gray balance:

An important feature of the color reproduction process. Blue, magenta, yellow ink, or color agent blend can be produced

Uncolored neutral gray in the color space.



: The process of transferring graphic information from the original to the substrate by plate or other means.


Offset lithography.

The text on the plate is first printed in the intermediate carrier (rubber drum), and then transferred to the substrate

The way things are printed.


Offset printing press:

According to the principle of indirect printing, the printing plate through the blanket transfer drum to transfer text and text on the bearing

A lithographic press for printing on printed material.


Halftone screen tone:

The scale of the screen is represented by the dot size.


Positive image:

In black and white and color reproduction, an image in which the tone and gray of the object to be copied correspond.


Negative image:

In black and white and color reproduction, an image in which the hue and gray tones are the opposite of those of the copied object.


Color separation:

The process of decomposing a colored manuscript into its monochrome versions.


Perfect printing:

To print both front and back on the same substrate with two different plates.


Computerized phototypesetting system:

Input devise from characters and typesetting instructions,

A complete set of typesetting equipment consisting of correction device, proof output device, control device, and phototypesetting host, etc.

    Heat transfer press felt

Heat Press felt

The first countries to use this technology are the United States, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, China, and other countries. From the recent

Two years of the market size in terms of China has become the world’s largest digital thermal transfer processing market. In the world

Many thermal transfer color printing ink brands have begun to focus on the huge Chinese market to participate in the market competition,

The competition will get fiercer and fiercer.




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