How should children choose and wear masks?

752 Published by Pure Technology Co., Ltd 5月 26,2020

Children’s masks should be selected according to the age of the child. Children of different ages have different levels of skill development, different sizes of masks are needed, and unsuitable masks are poorly sealed and easy to inhale the polluted air. If you want to learn how to choose and wear masks for children, please read:

First of all, choose a mask size suitable for children. Generally, children under the age of 1 should not wear masks, which may cause the risk of breathing. There are masks on the market from 1 to 4 years old. Parents can choose according to their age. Adult masks cannot be used to replace children ’s masks. If the adult mask is too large, the child ’s wearing will not achieve the sealing effect and will not serve as a safety precaution.

The second is to choose the type and material of the mask. The younger the child, the more attention needs to be paid to the mask material. The skin of the child is more sensitive. The poor fabric of the mask may cause allergies. Children generally choose medical surgical masks or N95 medical safety protective masks. For children in non-epidemic areas, use disposable medical masks. Cotton masks, gauze masks, and sponge masks cannot provide reasonable and safe protection. At the same time, the filter layer of the children’s mask should not be too thick. The children’s cardiopulmonary function is not yet perfect, and the lung capacity is small. The too thick filter layer can make the child feel that the breathing is not smooth. The filter layer of 3-4 layers is the best condition.

The third is that parents should assist or teach their children to wear masks properly: wash their hands before wearing masks, correctly recognize the positive and negative sides of the mask. Light blue should face the face and dark blue outside. When wearing a mask for a child, the mask strap should be tight and appropriate. Afterward, you must use both hands to tighten the mask metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge, so that the mask is close to the nose bridge. Then stretch the mask down so that there are no wrinkles on both sides of the mask, covering the nose, lips, and jaw, to ensure that it fits the skin and does not leak.

Finally is to pay attention to the mask inside and outside can not be used interchangeably; Avoid touching the outer side of the mask when using it; If you touch the outer side, wash your hand immediately. It is best not to reuse disposable masks many times.

Based on the correct selection and wearing of the above four points, we can escort the child’s health.

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